Romantic Valentine’s Day Cake


This Heart-shaped Genoise with Champagne-Raspberry Mousse cake is simply to SAMSUNG CSCdie for!  Trust me!  Gorgeous to look at, uber elegant, and oh so delicious.  I have whipped it up for a few Valentine’s Day and Birthday celebrations – this work of art never fails to take center stage.
Published in the February 1997 issue of Bon Appetit this heart shaped raspberry cake recipe by Dan Budd has traveled with me around the country and remains my favorite Valentine’s Day cake.
I have searched on line for a current copy and am unable to find the recipe so I will share the original as published in 1997. Quite a few steps involved in the process – can’t lie about that, but oh so worth the time.

When you click on the pages below they should be legible and easy to use.



Post it covers my notes – 🙂 oh la la


Heart Shaped Genoise Cake Instructions – Page 2

Wouldn’t this cake look stunning on our Rustic Cake Stand with a Balon Cloche?


Feathered Cottage Rustic Cake Stand


Feathered Cottage Balon Cloche


Feathered-Cottage-Wood-Cake-Stand-short3This is going to be the 2015 Valentine’s Day dessert in our house.  See photo below for final result.


SAMSUNG CSCI would love to share photos of your Valentine’s Day desserts – please send pics.
Happy Baking!

PS – The Champagne-Raspberry Mousse – OMG!!




January White Sale = Thoughts of Linen

Linen Fabric - Brown Dress with White Dots

Linen Fabric – Source – Brown Dress with White Dots

Its January white sale time – time for the annual sale after the hectic, holiday rush. Because my mind constantly wanders, white sale thoughts lead me to reflect on the state of my “linen closet” … which in turn takes me directly to my favorite subject – LINEN!
White Sale = Linen Closet = Linen
Friends and family know that I am obsessed with two things – linen and chickens. Guaranteed there will be posts on chicks at some point but for today – I’m all about linen.
Linen, with its natural fibers derived from the flax plant, is a wonder fabric and I think it’s perfect for just about anything and everything; you can use it for furniture, bedding, towels, drapes, luggage, bags, clothing and so much more. (I have all of these things by the way!) Linen is rapidly renewable, durable, moisture absorbing, breathable, and most of all – simply BEAUTIFUL!

Antique French Linen - Trouvais

Antique French Linen – Trouvais

Linen Fabric - Zsazsabellagio

Linen Fabric – Zsazsabellagio

I think people often associate linen with wrinkles. Yes, it can wrinkle. It’s true. Thing is – that doesn’t bother me and serious wrinkles are the extreme not the norm. I sleep with linen sheets, linen pillow cases, and a linen duvet every day. There is a “billowy” look that I love to my bedding and that feels amazing, but it’s not a mass of wrinkles at all.

Feathered Cottage - Organic Linen - Heritage Bedding

Feathered Cottage – Organic Linen – Heritage Bedding

What’s the trick – it’s in the laundry procedures. Wash with mild detergent, line or tumble dry on low heat and… IMMEDIATELY (and this is key) remove from the dryer and spread or fold – voila no wrinkles. Just soft billowy fabric. Fabric that looks so good you are dying to touch it.

Linen Towel

Linen Towel

Feathered Cottage - Tanzania Linen Rugs

Feathered Cottage – Tanzania Linen Rugs

Seriously – I giggle when I get into bed. I love linen sheets that much!!
I thought I would share some of my favorite photos of linen.

In our day to day lives linen is used in so many ways and it always looks inviting, sumptuous, and casually elegant – barefoot elegant.

Sofa - Alex Vervoordt Wabi Inspirations

Sofa – Alex Vervoordt Wabi Inspirations

Linen Drape - SecretMaison

Linen Drape – SecretMaison

Linen Drape - Restoration Hardware

Linen Drape – Restoration Hardware

Linen Top - JulesB

Linen Top – JulesB

Linen Halter Dress - LarimeLoom

Linen Halter Dress – LarimeLoom

Linen Jacket - Shoplet

Linen Jacket – Shoplet

Men's Linen Shirt - Resonances-Tumbler

Men’s Linen Shirt – Resonances-Tumbler

What’s your favorite use for linen?  Hard for me to decide – I like anyway you serve it.



Three Strikes You’re Out or Third Time’s A Charm


It’s a new year and I am determined to conquer technology by having a functioning, lovely blog on my Feathered Cottage website.

Feathered-Cottage (2)My first FC blog was with Google’s (blogspot) platform that I linked back to Feathered Cottage.  I had been using blogspot for another blog that I write so there was no real learning curve with blogger  – totally easy to get up and running quickly.  I just linked the blog back to the Bigcommerce site and voila – I had a pretty seamless page.  I did have some misgivings about the blog being a link to a Google product and not really residing with the Bigcommerce site.  I just said “shhh” to myself hoping it would all work out.  And my thoughts on Google…that’s material for a future post.

In 2014 Bigcommerce announced a new blog feature for their eCommerce customers.  Yeah – all my Feathered Cottage material on one site!  I immediately switched over to the integrated blog feature that Bigcommerce offered.  Not a great idea in hindsight. In my opinion, the blog feature didn’t work especially well in all the templates.  It’s missing some functions that I was used to having.  I felt like my hands were tied.  It just wasn’t visually pretty or easy to use.

Third time is a charm – I just know it!  I’ve made the switch to a WordPress platform and I am linking it back to my Bigcommerce site.  Done.  The downside is that I have to rely on linking my blog to the eCommerce site.  I have simply decided to focus on creating a beautiful blog with good content and not worry so much about it being hosted with a third party.

I know there will be a learning curve with the WordPress platform but I am confident I will be able to sort though all of the functions with a bit of time.  I am looking forward to designing and creating posts that are graphically beautiful with interesting content that I hope will spark creativity and help you craft a meaningful lifestyle – one that’s perfect for you!


I am sad that I’ve lost my previous posts (I especially loved the Lavender & Laundry piece – boo)  but I am excited about this fresh start in 2015.

The 2015 Year of the Sheep post that I am dreaming about has me jazzed – stay tuned.

Best wishes for a healthy, fun, creative 2015!