Guide for a Romantic Lobster Dinner


Sharon Cummings Lobster Poster

Romance and lobster just go together! I’m a big list person – here is my list for this year’s romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

The Music
The Beverages
The Table
The Tools – crackers, picks
The Lobster
Lobster & Side

The Music
Set the mood with music! I keep it simple and use Spotify or Pandora. Spotify has a nice Valentine’s Day Playlist that’s filled with love songs to set the mood. For cooking/dining, the Brunch station on Pandora has a good mix.


Spotify – Valentine’s Day Playlist


Pandora – Brunch Station

The Beverages
Lobster can be served so many ways. I opt for a simple boiled lobster which will pair nicely with a chilled Chardonnay or Champagne. Here is a quick guide for pairing wine with lobster.


Which Wine With Lobster – A Guide

The Table
Keep it beautiful and romantic with a few flowers and real candles! Candles boost the romance! Add a pretty tablecloth, cloth napkins and crisp white dishes to accent the red of the lobster and you have an inviting backdrop for the main event.

Candles - photo by Isari Flower Studio

Candles – photo by Isari Flower Studio

The Tools.
We eat lobster often so we have invested in good tools. William Sonoma carries a nice collection of picks and crackers that make the lobster cracking and serving job so much easier. You don’t want to be struggling with your dinner –  tools are key.


William Sonoma Cracker


William Sonoma Picks


Stainless Steel Italian Lobster Pliers William Sonoma

The Lobster
Gee…how many pounds each? That’s always our big question. 1 to 1-1/2 lbs. is an average size for a lobster. This year we are splurging and getting 2 lb. lobsters. Can’t wait!  Boil 9 minutes for the first pound and then add 3 minutes for every additional pound in the pot.
We called our order in to the local grocery store yesterday, (they are happy to special order for us) and our live lobsters will be in after 2 p.m. today. Easy. When they get home the lobsters go right into the fridge.

Loads of videos on how to crack and eat a lobster on YouTube.


Lobster image will take you to Dan the Lobster Man showing us how to crack open a lobster

I want our lobsters to take center stage so I am keeping the appetizer simple and light. We’ll have skewers with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, drizzled with a balsamic reduction. Other light app options could be cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto or a light salad. Some folks recommend a cheese biscuit – too heavy for my taste.


Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Reduction

Lobster & Side
This time of year when we cannot fire up the Weber I keep the prep simple by boiling the lobster. Easy, quick and elegant! To complement the bright red color of lobster, I’ve selected broiled artichokes with Aoili as the side. Again, the artichoke preparation will be simple and the flavors will marry perfectly together.

The photo below shows grilled lobster – lovely option too.  Click on the photo to see the recipe for the Aoili dipping sauce.


Grilled Lobster Tails with Saffron Aioli and Grilled Artichokes

Two things that are a perfect match – strawberries and chocolate! Elegant. Sensuous. Chocolate dipped strawberries make a juicy, delicious ending to a romantic dinner. Yum!


9 Secrets to Perfect Chocolate-Covered Strawberries HuffPost Taste

That’s it!  Put on the music, chill the wine, set the table, light the candles and have fun! Enjoy!