Three Strikes You’re Out or Third Time’s A Charm


It’s a new year and I am determined to conquer technology by having a functioning, lovely blog on my Feathered Cottage website.

Feathered-Cottage (2)My first FC blog was with Google’s (blogspot) platform that I linked back to Feathered Cottage.  I had been using blogspot for another blog that I write so there was no real learning curve with blogger  – totally easy to get up and running quickly.  I just linked the blog back to the Bigcommerce site and voila – I had a pretty seamless page.  I did have some misgivings about the blog being a link to a Google product and not really residing with the Bigcommerce site.  I just said “shhh” to myself hoping it would all work out.  And my thoughts on Google…that’s material for a future post.

In 2014 Bigcommerce announced a new blog feature for their eCommerce customers.  Yeah – all my Feathered Cottage material on one site!  I immediately switched over to the integrated blog feature that Bigcommerce offered.  Not a great idea in hindsight. In my opinion, the blog feature didn’t work especially well in all the templates.  It’s missing some functions that I was used to having.  I felt like my hands were tied.  It just wasn’t visually pretty or easy to use.

Third time is a charm – I just know it!  I’ve made the switch to a WordPress platform and I am linking it back to my Bigcommerce site.  Done.  The downside is that I have to rely on linking my blog to the eCommerce site.  I have simply decided to focus on creating a beautiful blog with good content and not worry so much about it being hosted with a third party.

I know there will be a learning curve with the WordPress platform but I am confident I will be able to sort though all of the functions with a bit of time.  I am looking forward to designing and creating posts that are graphically beautiful with interesting content that I hope will spark creativity and help you craft a meaningful lifestyle – one that’s perfect for you!


I am sad that I’ve lost my previous posts (I especially loved the Lavender & Laundry piece – boo)  but I am excited about this fresh start in 2015.

The 2015 Year of the Sheep post that I am dreaming about has me jazzed – stay tuned.

Best wishes for a healthy, fun, creative 2015!